November 2018 Tax Planning

As most people know, 2018 had tremendous tax changes. Since January, our team has been conducting detailed analysis and discussing strategies, as to how business owners can best deal with the changes. For the Small Business Owner, the tax law has been changed in an attempt to provide the same tax rate as corporations.

However, great care and attention to detail must be exercised to maximize these benefits. Too much or too little salary, over expensing of equipment purchases, and implementation of retirement plans must all be reviewed to ensure that tax benefits are optimized. Important questions must be asked,  such as:

  • Should you incur those capital gains this year?
  • How will capital gains affect the overall tax rate?
  • How does your spouse’s income affecting this computation?

Some business owners may have heard that the recent changed simplified tax returns and planning. Our team believes many of these changes actually make it more complex.

We welcome a discussion relating to your specific business situation.  Please contact Tony Marini or Rob Lynch for questions or assistance.

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August 2018 Tax News

The IRS issued additional guidance to a very significant deduction for flow through entities, small business and self-employed. The significant developments are:

Contract or employee – Now more important than ever and we think this will be looked at if examined.
Rental Activities – Should that get the deduction? – Still not totally clear.
Value of property – Make sure your records are clear as to what is depreciated and not depreciated since this a part of the computation.
Aggregation Rules – Should all your entities be aggregated or not?
Specified Service Trade or Business – Unless taxable income thresholds are met, certain business are not eligible.

This 182 page clarification guidance from the IRS continues is complex and nuanced. We will continue to focus on this clarification and other related issues for all of our clients.

Please send us a note or give us a call to discuss these and any other questions or issues you may have.

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