Who We Are

We started small. Now Lynch Marini & Associates Inc is one of the leading providers of accounting, tax and business services in southeastern and metro-west Massachusetts. In addition, we’re a leading provider of audit, accounting, consulting and interim services to municipalities and non-profit organizations.

With over 40 years’ experience, we haven’t just seen and heard about changes affecting our clients – we’ve experienced them. We have also been around long enough to assist our public sector, business, and individual clients plan for, adapt to, and implement change. We can not only assist our clients with the always changing environment, we can tell you how it has worked out for others.

Like a smaller, local firm, we pride ourselves on our personal service and on the relationships we develop with our clients. However, unlike smaller firms, we can match that personal service with superior resources, access to specialists and a variety of traditional and non-traditional offerings.

Our offices are located in Norwell and Natick, Massachusetts, and with our technology resources Lynch Marini & Associates Inc is available to provide our services throughout New England and beyond.

Contact a firm partner directly to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation and to see how Lynch Marini & Associates Inc can help you.

The Lynch Marini Difference

We look beyond the numbers – each engagement is a living entity. It’s your business, your town, or organization in which you are deeply vested with your own blood, sweat and tears, and perhaps your own money. This perspective is crucial, and separates us from the crowd.


Just like the large accounting firms, Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  provides employees with an extensive employee training program, but our program is highly tailored to meet the unique needs of both our clients and employees.


Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  excels at ensuring clients stay current with accounting standards and compliance requirements. We retain professional staff of the highest caliber to provide a multidisciplinary approach to our work…and your world. An approach that goes beyond the numbers.

Firm Memberships

GAQC Our voluntary participation in the GAQC demonstrates our commitment to audit quality. Through this membership Lynch Marini & Associates Inc promotes and upholds the high standards expected of firms performing audits of governments and non-profit organizations. In addition, our participation in GAQC allows us to participate and incorporate best practices utilized in administering public sector audits.


AICPA Lynch Marini & Associates Inc is a proud and active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the national professional organization of certified public accountants. Through this membership we are governed by the rules, professional standards, and high ethical standards put forth by the organization. Learn more on the AICPA website: http://www.aicpa.org





GFOA Lynch Marini & Associates Inc maintains a firm-wide membership with GFOA, the national organization dedicated to enhancing the professional management of governments for public benefit. Through GFOA, our firm personnel participate in ongoing professional education and stay on top of emerging issues – advising our governmental clients on the various awards and distinctions offered by the Association. http://www.gfoa.org