Natick Accountants - Norwell Accountants blue-camera-phone-charity-1350613 July 2018 Accounting News - Certain non-profits are required to undergo a review or an audit which results in formal financial statements. For the year ending December 31, 2018, the reporting requirements are changing. The presentation of Temporary Restrictions and Permanent Restrictions along with Board Designated will be different. New footnote disclosures are… Read More »
2018 Tax Law Changes: Deductions, Limitations… - As you have heard, there have been significant tax law changes for 2018.  We have been carefully studying the changes, and know that it will affect all of our clients. Here are some of our thoughts on the most significant changes: Your deductions will decrease – this is… Read More »
Welcome to Lynch Marini Accounting & Tax Updates - Welcome to the accounting and tax update section of our website. We will post important updates here, to keep you informed of important changes impacting your accounting methods, tax changes, tax planning, and clarifications and rulings by the Internal Revenue Service. If you would like notifications of updates,… Read More »