Tax Preparation and Planning

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  provides tax preparation and planning to business, including corporations, partnerships, nonprofit organizations, LLCs and LLPs. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the tax code and related rulings and cases.

We offer an integrated approach that focuses on your total business, not just your tax return. We help you define the right overall tax position based upon all of your needs and goals.

Of course the value of our tax services lies not only in preparation, but also in tax planning, which we perform on an ongoing basis with our clients. Our planning efforts have saved our clients thousands of dollars, usually from relatively simple planning or simple strategies that were overlooked by previous advisors. In addition to preparation and planning, we have also been extremely successful in minimizing risks for our tax clients, resulting in additional savings and peace of mind.

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  assists business clients with tax preparation and planning issues in the following areas:

  • Federal and multi-state tax preparation
  • Revenue recognition issues
  • Benefit design and implementation issues
  • Sales and use tax issues
  • Expert tax planning and research
  • Tax structure and entity selection issues
  • Tax issues associated with merger, acquisition and divestitures
  • Cost segregation issues

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  will bring real value to you as your tax preparer and advisor. Through our real-world experience, technical expertise, client communication and tax and business publications you will feel secure in knowing you have the best advice based upon the most current cases and research. Over the years, we will save you money time and time again.