Process Management

A common response we hear when we ask our public sector clients why process transactions or information in a particular manner is: “Well, that’s the way it’s always been done,” or “That’s how I was taught.” If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps we should talk.

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc ’s members have a depth and breadth of experience with municipal finance operations and regulations spanning several decades and dozens of municipalities. This experience, along our private sector experience and progressive approach, provides for an excellent resource to affect change in your organization.

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  will work with your municipality or non-profit organization to improve the efficiency of your financial processes with the goal of being able to deliver “more with less.” We perform a detailed analysis of your organization’s financial functions, measure the resulting data against best practices, and review the available technology resources, applicable laws and regulations. Then, we rely upon our experience to identify areas where efficiency can be improved, and duplication of efforts can be minimized.