Internal Control / Departmental Evaluations

In this day and age, every dollar of local receipts makes a difference in balancing municipal budgets. Lynch Marini & Associates Inc internal control evaluations focus on specific operations or departments to ensure that every dollar is properly billed, collected, turned over to your treasury timely, and properly accounted for, all while meeting the requirements of state or local finance laws and regulations. We focus on basic operational methods that are practical and inexpensive to implement and ensure you and the public that not only are all funds being properly handled but that all funds are being maximized.

At the conclusion of our evaluation, Lynch Marini & Associates Inc issues a report highlighting each operation’s “best practices” and provides for suggestions and recommendations where not only internal control can be strengthened, but also local revenue maximized. Some examples of work performed include:

  • Water/Sewer department billing operations; collection operations
  • Municipal trash billing and collection procedures
  • Treasurer Office internal controls and processing procedures
  • Collectors Office internal controls and processing procedures
  • School Business Office internal control
  • Property tax bill processing and issuance
  • Motor vehicle excise bill issuance and collection
  • Health insurance billing and collection
  • Ambulance billing procedures
  • Landfill operations and internal controls
  • Septage treatment plant operations and internal controls