Fraud & Forensic Investigation

Let’s face it – fraud is a constant risk for every municipality and non-profit organization. Often times fraud is perpetrated by those you would suspect least or who everyone thought was “the nicest, kindest person.”

Hopefully, your organization has solid procedures in place and effective internal control, providing for an adequate segregation of duties, to prevent most instances of fraud from occurring. Unfortunately, even the best practices can be circumvented or overcome by a determined fraudster.

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  can help minimize your organization’s risk of fraud. We provide seminars and workshops to raise organizational awareness. We perform evaluations to assess your organization’s internal control system and report on the areas where internal controls may be weak and where your organization may be vulnerable.

In the unfortunate circumstance where a fraud has been identified or is suspected, Lynch Marini & Associates Inc has experienced professionals on staff to perform forensic audit procedures; gather evidence; work with legal counsel, District Attorney, and law enforcement; and provide testimony, if needed. We provide a comprehensive report documenting the results of our procedures in attempt to quantify the loss and provide for recovery of the funds. Additionally, we report on where the organization’s controls were weak and we provide recommendations on how to improve.