CFO Services

Growing companies soon reach the point where the owners or investors can not, or should not, be involved in the financial administration of the business. After all, you’ve got clients and customers to cultivate and keep happy, and you also have to work on maintaining the strategic direction of the business.

Let Lynch Marini & Associates Inc members help your business. We can focus and direct your business and its finance staff on day-to-day matters while at the same time work in conjunction with owners, officers and investors on higher level strategic issues. This will enable focus to remain where it should be, resulting in obtaining the maximum value for your time and effort.

When your business reaches the stage where a full-time CFO is needed, we’ll even assist you in finding the right fit to ensure a smooth transition.

In additional to obtaining expert services and advice, our services are typically a more prudent and cost-effective option than adding permanent staff. Contact us to see how we can help!