Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  offers quality accounting, assurance, attestation and review services by experienced and insightful professionals. Our team evaluates your organization’s environment, internal controls, and operations in order to ensure your organization is running efficiently and to identify areas where improvements could be made. Our accounting and auditing services are designed to:

  • Meet required deadlines.
  • Reduce your organizations risk of materially misstatement on its financial statements.
  • Ease the audit process by minimizing the time your organization needs to spend administering the audit.
  • Provide your organization with useful financial information and reports prepared in accordance with the applicable standards
  • Keep your organization abreast of current trends and best-practices, as well as keep you informed of new accounting standards – before they are required.

To achieve these goals Lynch Marini & Associates Inc relies on its experienced knowledgeable staff, applies a risk-based approach and over 30 years of practical experience in administering your audit. Lynch Marini & Associates Inc uses a paperless engagement process and provides access to financial statements and reports through our secure client portal accessed through our website.

In addition to providing an opinion on your organization’s financial statements, Lynch Marini & Associates Inc uses its process and highly trained members to add value to your accounting or auditing engagement. We provide practical ideas and recommendations designed to improve your organization’s financial performance and to minimize risk. Over the long term, this results in significant savings to the organization either through cost savings, through recovery of funds or identification of additional sources of funding – not to mention identifying and resolving small issues, before they become big issues.