Audit Committee Services

The role of the audit committee is continuing to expand under the ever-changing audit and accounting standards. Companies, governments and their audit committees face greater risks than ever before in executing their responsibilities. Lynch Marini & Associates Inc can help your organization face and address these responsibilities through an advisory relationship with your audit committee. We work with your committee to answer and address the following questions and more:

  • Do we, as an audit committee, possess the knowledge necessary to effectively serve our organization?
  • Have we established a process to assess the quality of financial reporting processes and internal control?
  • Do we understand the processes used by management and external auditors to identify and monitor risk?
  • How do we ensure that the organization is making the most of its internal audit resources?
  • How do we evaluate the quality of the finance, accounting and internal audit functions?

Lynch Marini & Associates Inc  will provide your organization with a process to manage audit committee effectiveness and to meet the highest standards of governance.